The Tangier's Jazz Festival
September 15 to 22, 2019

an accelerator for the development of cities
The personality of the city, the richness of its cultural life, the quality of its tourist attractions, its international influence are its strategic advantages.
This is widely demonstrated. Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of major festivals in the fight against urban migration for the approaches and
improved their ability to attract tourists, brains and investors.
Take the example of the most beautiful, the largest and the most authentic jazz festival in the world: Montreal.
In 20 years, this festival has created 10,000 jobs and generates 300 million Canadian dollars each year in direct and indirect benefits.
How can it be surprising then that dozens of cities supported by their local or regional elected officials invest heavily in infrastructure and subsidies to find a place in
this international competition.
we are fortunate to have a city renowned for its human warmth and cosmopolitan spirit.
Let's give Tangier the chance to make them known to the world.
For this we must be aware of the essential role of cultural animation.
Tangier will be entertaining or will not be.

Fondation Lorin.

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